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Jul 13, 2011 4:00pm PDT
. sunday's match will be shown on the big screen at 11:45 a.m. the viewing party is free and there is a soccer skills session for kids, a bouncy house, i'll be there, giants trucks and all of the excitement working up quite an appetite for fans in san francisco. >> terrific. >> and it's not just chickenen nuggets anymore. a dozen restaurants banding together, promising to make childrens' menus healthier. 19 restaurants say they'll focus on increasing servings on kid menus. the items will have less fat, sugar and sodium. >> the national restaurant association developed a program to make it easier for restaurants as well as providing a selection of healthier options and make it easy for us as skpairnts kids to try to find options. >> and less healthful foods will still be on the menus but. >> the crew of space shuttle atlantis is halfway through the last mission ever after they return to earth on thursday, atlantis will be retired. abc 7 talked to the crew today. among them, specialist rex wallheim of san carlos. the wake up song today "rocket man" from elton john. waits ti
Jul 18, 2011 4:00pm PDT
was harder. then, she was about to faint. i gave her a few big ones and it came out of her mouth. >> i couldn't believe it. such a tiny girl had such a power punch in her. and i was just proud. >> wow. she says she decided to go public with the story so people taking care of her kids know it's important to teach the little ones important life-saving techniques. so kult, she says i gave her some big ones! >> and exactly, what presence of mind there. >> springing into action. >> and there is lovely sunny skies today. and there is a beautiful day, warmer in most loks than yesterday. there is a live view right now from our sutro camera looking over san francisco. there are low clouds as you can see making their way into the shot here, blue skies inland. take a look at temperature readings, it's mild in fremont and fairfield. upper 70s at napa and san jose. 76 in redwood city. 69 in san francisco. 68 half moon bay. and it's warmer in vir wallly all location business awe few degrees, six degrees warmer in san francisco then at this hour yesterday. seven degrees than at this hour yesterday. and seve
Jul 29, 2011 4:00pm PDT
to the amount of raising the debt limit but, it does not have that balanced budget proposal. and big question is whether he can get enough support with democrats and maybe a few republicans to get that passed through the house before tuesday deadline. it does not look very hopeful. at this point we talked with our abc political analyst, and he said we've moved away from an agreement, not towards an agreement with this boehner vote. >> the boehner vote in, doing that moved away from td position the democrats wanted. but let's go forward here. and if you had to put percentages on this, how much is due to real ideological differences? how much is political post you'ring? and we've got an election coming up. and this is in a year and a half. less than that. what is the percentages if you just had to throw it out there? >> this is largely political. i nrgs the tea party has their pledge not to raise taxes and i think speaker boehner tried to make his proposal more acceptable so he can get this proposal passed. and his speakership is in jeopardy if he cannot marshal his troops. and he may have save
Jul 12, 2011 4:00pm PDT
is not sending a mixed message, it's a balanced one. she has made a big deal with about promoting a healthy life style filled with exercise, yesterday she popped into a new washington, d.c. restaurant called shake shack and ordered up a burger and fries with a chocolate shake and a diet coke. that meal about 1700 calories. nutritionists say they were not too concerned and say indulging is fine every now and then. >> that is what i like to hear. >>> a 22-year-old woman lost 100 pounds and went on to win miss south carolina pageant. she used to weigh 234 pounds, lost 112 pounds over three years through healthy eating and regular exercise. and last month, wowing the audience during the talent portion, won the swimsuit round, went on to win the crown. she wants to inspire others to live healthier live autos it was through hard work and determination and i did it for no one else by myself. >> she'll compete for the first america crown in january. >> amazing. 112 pounds? inspiration. >> i love she did it for herself. >> and still to come in our next half hour, placing blame, pg&e angers fire victims b
Jul 8, 2011 4:00pm PDT
it's not here. >> i turned and i saw just the airplane hit and big explosion. and i mean explosion was taller and antennas you guys got. >> that was ivan who gave us the video of the plane going down. investigators are looking at three things a man a pilot and the machine the plane, of course, and the environment. whether or not weather play aid role here. the pilot had been flying only 18 months from here they will move all of the parts. the plane to a facility in sacramento. they will layout the plane entire plane in what they call a more controlled environment. it winlwill take them about five to 0 days to put out on initial report but the final investigation won't be ready, a report the final one for about six to -- six months to about a year live in watsonville, abc 7 news. >> thank you leanne. >> and this bay area lost another soldier in the line of duty kimmed in afghanistan dying from wounds when his unit came under a rocket propelled grenade. and he was 36 years old. >> the pentagon announced it will start accepting applications from openly gay recruits and will stop enfor
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5